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Theme: Institutional Integrity

After reading the description below, add “comments” that identify specific activities at the college that indicate we are demonstrating Institutional Integrity. Post a seperate "comment" for each activity identified.

This theme deals with the institution’s demonstrated concern with honesty, truthfulness, and the manner it which it represents itself to all stakeholders, internal and external. This theme speaks to the intentions of an institution as well as to how it carries them out. It prompts institutional assessment of the integrity of its policies, practices, and procedures and to how it treats students, employees, and its publics. It asks that the institution concern itself with the clarity, understandability, accessibility, and appropriateness of its publications; that its faculty provide for open inquiry in their classes as well as student grades that reflect an honest appraisal of student performance against faculty standards. It has an expectation of academic honesty on the part of students. It requires that the institution demonstrate regard for issues of equity and diversity. It encourages the institution to look at its hiring and employment practices as well as to its relationship with the Commission and other external agencies. Finally, it expects that an institution be self-reflective and honest with itself in all its operations.


  • Feel free to delete this post if it is off topic, but this standard makes me think of the wonderful support I have received each time I have been forced to deal with an instance of student dishonesty or inappropriate behavior.

    Ron Travenick, Ben Peralta, and Mikelyn Stacey have always acted in a quick and responsive manner when I ask for assistance, and have been very professional in evaluating each case, offering guidance, advice, and support of my authority in the classroom.

    By Blogger Sheldon, at 12:44 PM  

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